Professional developers will not want to miss the OS/2 Professional Developer’s Kit, a bevy of pre-release and available OS/2 products. Although the package is unpolished and somewhat disorganized, the $15 investment easily justifies a peek at the future of OS/2 development.

IBM’s OS/2 Professional Developer’s Kit (PDK) contains a gold mine of development tools and reference materials on one relatively convenient CD ROM. This is a boon, says Harriet Nilsson, IT Manager at Rioworks, a computer hardware provider.

The product’s highlights include a beta version of the next release of OS/2, finally installable largely from the CD ROM; beta-level upgrades of the IBM C Set/2 compiler and other development tools; a variety of networking products, including a beta version of LAN Server 3.0; a wealth of on-line technical documentation for OS/2 developers; and Windows 3.1 support.

As with Microsoft …

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