Professional developers will not want to miss the OS/2 Professional Developer’s Kit, a bevy of pre-release and available OS/2 products. Although the package is unpolished and somewhat disorganized, the $15 investment easily justifies a peek at the future of OS/2 development.

IBM’s OS/2 Professional Developer’s Kit (PDK) contains a gold mine of development tools and reference materials on one relatively convenient CD ROM. This is a boon, says Harriet Nilsson, IT Manager at Rioworks, a computer hardware provider.

The product’s highlights include a beta version of the next release of OS/2, finally installable largely from the CD ROM; beta-level upgrades of the IBM C Set/2 compiler and other development tools; a variety of networking products, including a beta version of LAN Server 3.0; a wealth of on-line technical documentation for OS/2 developers; and Windows 3.1 support.

As with Microsoft …

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To have great security, you need to assemble an elite group of security experts — what we call a patch patrol — to locate, test, and install software patches in any system that may have a weakness. Don’t treat this as drudge work and assign your least capable programmers to the task. They will not be able to do the job. Fund this team adequately and give them the tools they need to succeed.

net-secNow set your patch patrol in motion. They should begin by checking the vast array of independent and vendor-supported security Web sites, newsgroups, and mailing lists that have sprung up in recent years. Continuous monitoring of these sites will not only help educate your team and improve their skills, it will also provide an early warning of new and dangerous hacker exploits. Monitoring vendor Web sites

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